How to Control Pests & Insects with Bayer Gaucho

Bayer Gaucho for Seed Treatment: A number of pests and insects attack agricultural crops. It is as common as growing crops. We can never completely remove them. But we can definitely control them. But one has to keep in mind that, prevention is better than cure. Hence you have to control them at the very start. There is no better way than seed treatment. You must have heard about seed treatment with fungicides. But you can also use a few insecticides as Seed Treatment. The best in the business is Gaucho Insecticide from Bayer Company. Since you are here, you will know the technical name, recommended dosage per kg seed of Gaucho.

Bayer Gaucho for Seed Treatment
Bayer Gaucho for Seed Treatment

Bayer Gaucho for Seed Treatment in Cotton, Soybean:

Chemical Composition: Bayer is always known for its unique chemicals. They always come up with better molecules in the agricultural sector. Gaucho is no exception to that. The technical name of Gaucho insecticide is Imidacloprid 600 FS 48%.

Recommended Dose: You should be careful here. The dose varies from crop to crop. The recommended dose varies from 1-12 ml per 1 kg of seed. For this, you have to consult

Target Pest: Gaucho from Bayer can control a number of pests and insects. This includes Aphids, Whitefly, Jassids, Thrips, Shoot Fly, Termites.

Mode of Action: Gaucho insecticide is systemic in nature. After the application, the active ingredient enters the plant sap. Once the insects suck the sap, the active ingredient kills them.

Method of Application: Seed Treatment is the method of application for gaucho insecticide. This method gives the best results in controlling insects. With seed treatment, gaucho plays an important role in Integrated Pest Management or IPM.

Time of Application: As we have mentioned earlier, the gaucho is for seed treatment. You have to apply along with sowing.

Compatibility: You should check with the local Bayer employees for compatibility with other fungicides.

Packing Available: 50 ml, 100 ml, 250ml, 1L, 5L

Toxicity Label: Gaucho is a Yellow Label Insecticide that is Highly toxic.

Antidote: There is no specific antidote available for this Bayer Gaucho. If inhaled or ingested, treat symptomatically.

Bayer Gaucho for Seed Treatment
Bayer Gaucho for Seed Treatment

Benefits of Gaucho:

  • Best insecticide for seed treatment
  • Kills a number of pests and insects
  • Safe to applicator
  • Cost-effective as the price of Bayer Gaucho is affordable


  • One has to use protective gear while using this agro chemical.
  • One should not eat, drink, chew and smoke while using this insecticide.
  • Also, keep this product away from foodstuff and animal feed.
  • Do avoid direct contact with the mouth, eyes, and skin.

List of Crops for Seed Treatment with Gaucho:

S. NoCropInsectsDose per KG Seed
1Cotton Aphid, Whitefly, Jassid, Thrip 5-9 ml/kg seed
2Okra Jassid, Aphid 5-9 ml/kg seed
3Sunflower Jassid, Whitefly 5-9 ml/kg seed
4Sorghum Shoot Fly 12 ml/kg seed
5Pearl Millet Termite and Shoot Fly 12 ml/kg seed
6Soybean Jassids 1.25 ml/kg seed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gaucho Pesticide:

What is the Bayer Gaucho Technical Name?

Imidacloprid 600 FS 48%

What is the Bayer Gaucho Price?

Around 500 rupees per 100ml

What is the Bayer Gaucho Dose?

Average of 1-12 ml per KG Seed (see the above table)

This is all about the use of Bayer Gaucho insecticide as a seed treatment in various crops. While we hope you got the information that you are searching for the agro chemical Gaucho Insecticide of Bayer.