How to Control Grassy, Broad Leaf Weeds & Sedges in Paddy with UPL Eros

UPL Eros Herbicide for Weeds in Paddy Field: Weeds are a difficult customer to deal with in Paddy. Because it is very hard to control them. Apart from the diseases and pests, weeds are also a major reason for the yield loss. If a farmer does not remove weeds either manually or with agro chemicals, he/she might face a huge yield loss. This in turn results in income loss. Hence farmers should use either manual methods or should use agro chemical herbicides. To ease the problems of the farmers, UPL company has come up with Eros Herbicide. Today we are going to discuss about the technical name, recommended dosage of Eros Herbicide.

UPL Eros Herbicide for Weeds
UPL Eros Herbicide for Weeds

UPL Eros Herbicide for Weeds in Paddy Field:

Chemical Composition: Eros is a combination product, meaning it has two technicals. They are Pretilachlor 6% + Pyrazosulfuron ethyl 0.15% both work in coordination to control weeds in the paddy fields.

Recommended Dose: As per the instructions from the company, Eros Recommended dose is 4kg per acre or 10kg per hectare. You should not try to decrease the recommended dose.

Target Weeds: Eros is a broad-spectrum weedicide or herbicide. Eros can control broadleaf weeds, grasses, and also sedges.

Mode of Action: Eros is a pre-emergent selective systemic herbicide. Because of the two-way mode of action, Eros gives better control of paddy weeds.

Time of Application: Eros is a pre-emergent weedicide. Use Eros 3-7 days after transplantation. Do not use Eros after 10 days of transplantation of rice.

Method of Application: Broadcasting is the only method of application of eros in paddy. Since Eros is in granular formulation, only broadcasting works. Mix it with sand and broadcast in your paddy field.

Packing Available: 2kg, 4kg

Toxicity Label: Eros is a Green Label product, as it is slightly toxic.

Antidote: There is no specific antidote available for this UPL Eros. If inhaled or ingested, treat symptomatically.

UPL Eros Herbicide for Weeds
UPL Eros Herbicide for Weeds

Benefits of Eros:

  • Eros is effective on Tough Weeds
  • Controls Major Weeds
  • Easy way of application method
  • Cost-effective as the price of UPL Eros is affordable


  • One has to use protective gear while using this agro chemical.
  • One should not eat, drink, chew and smoke while using this insecticide.
  • Keep this product away from foodstuff and animal feed.
  • Do avoid direct contact with the mouth, eyes, and skin.

Type of Weeds & Recommended Dose of of UPL Eros:

S. No.CropWeed TypesDosageTime of Application
1.RiceBroad Leaf Weeds4kg/acre3-7 Days after Transplantation
Grassy Weeds4kg/acre3-7 Days after Transplantation
Sedges4kg/acre3-7 Days after Transplantation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Eross Technical:

What are UPL Eros Herbicide Uses?

Controls grassy, broad-leaf weeds and sedges in paddy

What is UPL Eros Price in India?

Around 750 rupees per acre

What is Eros UPL Herbicide Technical?

Pretilachlor 6% + Pyrazosulfuron ethyl 0.15%

This is all about the Pre-Emergent Weedicide UPL Eros in Paddy Crop. Hope you got the information that you are searching for the agro chemical Eros of UPL.