How to Control Brown Plant Hopper in Paddy with BASF Cantrio

BASF Cantrio for BPH in Paddy: Brown Plant Hopper or popularly as BPH attack is dangerous in paddy cultivation as it has the ability to wipe out around 60% of the yield, that too in a quick time. Hence to kill this BPH is an important task for the paddy farmers. Interestingly, both the nymphs and also the adults can infect the paddy. They can infest at all stages of the rice crop, which makes it even more difficult for customers. BPH results in Hopper Burn when one fails to control it. Hopper Burn is nothing but drying up of the paddy wherever BPH attacks. Hence to keep a check at this devasting BPH, BASF has come up with a new product Cantrio. Check below to know furthermore about this Cantrio from BASF Company.

BASF Cantrio
BASF Cantrio

BASF Cantrio for BPH in Rice Crop:

Chemical Composition: This Cantrio has a single molecule, that is Pymetrozine. The chemical composition is 50% WG of Pymetrozine. This technical pymetrozine of Cantrio is a wettable granule, meaning they are granular formulations.

Recommended Dose: According to the BASF, only 120gm per acre is an ideal dose to kill the BPH in paddy fields.

Target Insect: Cantrio is solely responsible to kill the BPH in paddy. It cannot act on any other pest or insect in paddy.

Mode of Action: It has 3-way action on BPH. First, it paralyzes its legs which stops its movement. Next, it stops the BPH to withdraw from feeding, which results in death by starving. The last one is BASF Cantrio stops further egg-laying which stops the spread of BPH to other plants.

Method of Application: Cantrio is a wettable granule, which means it can easily disperse in water. Around 120gm per acre is an ideal dose. It has to be mixed with 200 liters of water. Spray the solution thoroughly on the infected paddy field.

Available Packing: 120gms, 250gm, 500gm & 1Kg

BASF Cantrio
BASF Cantrio

Benefits of Cantrio:

  • 3-way attack on BPH
  • Instant Results after spraying
  • Longer duration of control
  • Safe for beneficial insects
  • Economical as the price of BASF Cantrio is affordable.


  • One has to use protective gear while using this agro chemical.
  • One should not eat, drink, chew and smoke while using this insecticide.
  • Keep this product away from foodstuff and animal feed.
  • Do avoid direct contact with the mouth, eyes, and skin.

This is all about the BASF Cantrio to control BPH in Paddy. Hope you got the information that you are searching for the agro chemical Cantrio Insecticide of BASF.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Cantrio Pesticide:

What is BASF Cantrio Technical Name?

Pymetrozine 50% WG

What is BASF Cantrio Pesticide price?

Around 700 per acre

What is the use of Cantrio Insecticide?

It controls BPH in Paddy

What is Catrio Dosage per acre?