How to Improve Plant Growth with Bharat Kundan

Bharat Kundan for Good Yield: Yield is an important aspect of agriculture. Getting good yield decides the fate of the farmer in terms of financial aspects. Hence each and every farmer wishes for a good yield. At times, because of the abiotic stress and also because of biotic stress, the yield might reduce. Hence farmers have to have an option to increase the yield. One such solution is Kundan from Bharat Certis Company. Kundan is a bio-stimulant. Today we are going to give you information of technical name, recommended dosage per liter, and other such details of Bharat Kundan.

Bharat Kundan for Good Yield
Bharat Kundan for Good Yield

Bharat-Certis Kundan for Improving Yield in Crops:

Chemical Composition: Kundan is a bio-stimulant. It has humic acid, amino acid, vitamin B, E. It also has Myo-Inositol which helps the crop when it faces abiotic stress.

Recommended Dose: For any product recommended dosage is very important. So does for the Kundan. The recommended dose of Kundan varies from crop to crop. We have given that info in the below table. Hence have a glance at it.

Target Crops: One can use Kundan in multiple crops. Since it is a bio-stimulant, it doesn’t have any restrictions on the crops.

Target Function: Kundan mainly serves the purpose of providing growth which in turn helps in increasing the yield. This also helps in facing abiotic stress.

Mode of Action: The active ingredients of Kundan enter the plant body and nourish the plant.

Time of Application: The time of application of Kundan varies from crop to crop. Hence we have given that info in the below table.

Method of Application: Foliar Spray is the best method of application of Bharat-Certis Kundan.

Packing Available: 100gm

Toxicity Label: Since it doesn’t have any agro chemicals, there is no toxicity for Kundan.

Antidote: There is no specific antidote available for this Bharat Kundan. Hence if inhaled or ingested, treat symptomatically.

Bharat Kundan for Good Yield
Bharat Kundan for Good Yield

Benefits of Kundan:

  • Best growth promoter in vegetables and fruit crops
  • Increases yield in cotton
  • Easy to apply in field
  • Also cost-effective as the price of Bharat Kundan is affordable


  • One has to use protective gear while using this agro chemical.
  • One should not eat, drink, chew and smoke while using this insecticide.
  • Keep this product away from foodstuff and animal feed.
  • Do avoid direct contact with the mouth, eyes, and skin.

Recommended Dose of Bharat Kundan for Higher Yield:

S. No.CropDosageTime of Application
1.Vegetables100-200gm/acre25-30 DAT, Repeat at flowering initiation and fruit development stages
2.Fruit Crops200gm/acreAfter major pruning, Repeat at 100% anthesis and fruit development stage
3.Potato100-200gm/acre 20-30 DAP, Repeat after 30 days
4.Sugarcane100-200gm/acre 30 DAP, Repeat after 30 days
5.Cotton100gm/acre 0-20 DAS, Repeat at boll formation stage

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Kundan Technical:

What are the Uses of Bharat Kundan?

Helps in Fruit Setting and increases yield

What is Kunda Bharat Insecticides Price in India?

Around 600 rupees per 100gm

What is the technical of Bharat Kundan?

Humic Acids, Amino Acids, Inositol, Vitamins

This is all about the Bharat Certis Kundan for increasing yield in vegetables and fruit crops. While we hope you got the information that you are searching for the agro chemical Kundan of Bharat Certis Company.