How to Control Pests & Insects with UPL Unipro

UPL Unipro for Pest Management: Pests and insects are as common as anything in agriculture. They attack normal plants. If that is the case, then you can understand their level of attack on commercial food crops. Hence farmers face a huge challenge in saving their crops from pests and insects. There are methods to control them. For example, pheromone traps, biological predators, biological pests. Even after these methods, the attack of pests does not decrease. Hence to give a helping hand, UPL has come up with an agro chemical pesticide Unipro. Today we are going to give you information on the technical name, recommended dosage per liter, and other details of UPL Unipro insecticide.

UPL Unipro for Pest Management
UPL Unipro for Pest Management

UPL Unipro for Controlling Pest in Commercial Crops:

Chemical Composition: Unipro has a unique chemical that has a broad-spectrum range over insects. The technical name of Unipro insecticide is Fipronil. While the percentage of the main ingredient is 5. Coming to the formulation, unipro is in Suspension Concentration or SC.

Recommended Dose: For any insecticide to give the best results, you need to know the recommended dose. It varies from crop to crop for UPL Unipro. Hence we have given that information in the below table. Check the table to know furthermore information.

Target Crops: You can use Unipro insecticide in multiple crops like paddy, cotton, and sugarcane. You can also use it in vegetables like chili and cabbage.

Target Pests: Unipro is a broad-spectrum insecticide. The major pests it controls are Stem Borer, DBM, Shoot Borer. It also controls sucking pests like thrips and whitefly. To know more, check the following table.

Mode of Action: Unipro is a systemic insecticide. It enters the plant body and flows through the cell sap. Once it is sucked by the pests, it kills them

Time of Application: Whenever you see the pest, you can apply this Unipro pesticide in your field. Do not delay the spraying as it might cause severe yield loss.

Method of Application: The best and only method of application of UPL Unipro is Foliar spray. Other methods like drenching, broadcasting will not fruit results.

Packing Available: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1lt

Toxicity Label: Unipro is a Yellow label insecticide, as it is highly toxic in nature.

Antidote: There is no specific antidote available for this UPL Unipro. Hence if inhaled or ingested, treat symptomatically.

UPL Unipro for Pest Management
UPL Unipro for Pest Management

Benefits of Unipro:

  • It a Broad-spectrum insecticide
  • Best for thrips management
  • Quick and uniformly dissolves
  • Cost-effective as the price of UPL Unipro is affordable


  • One has to use protective gear while using this agro chemical.
  • One should not eat, drink, chew and smoke while using this insecticide.
  • Also, keep this product away from foodstuff and animal feed.
  • Do avoid direct contact with the mouth, eyes, and skin.

Recommended Dose of UPL Unipro for Pest:

S. No.CropDosagePestTime of Application
1.Chili 320-400ml/acreAphids, Fruit Borer, ThripsAfter the Pest Infestation
2.Cabbage 320-400ml/acre DBMAfter the Pest Infestation
3.Cotton 600-800ml/acre Aphids, Jassids, Thrips, WhiteflyAfter the Pest Infestation
4.Paddy 400-600ml/acre BPH, WBPH, GLH, Gall Midge, Stem BorerAfter the Pest Infestation
5.Sugarcane 600-800ml/acre Early Shoot Borer, Root BorerAfter the Pest Infestation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Unipro Technical:

What are UPL Unipro Uses?

Helps in thrips management

What is UPL Unipro SC Price in India?

Around 700 rupees per liter

What is Unipro UPL technical?

Fipronil 5% SC

This is all about the UPL Unipro for pest and insect control in cabbage, sugarcane, and also in cotton. While we hope you got the information that you are searching for the agro chemical Unipro insecticide of UPL.